Local Christian Sciences Nurses Stand Ready to Provide
a Full Range of Care . . .

Journal-listed Christian Science nurses are fully prepared to serve students of Christian Science of any age – children through seniors. The range of services includes:

Note: Christian Science Nurses are not registered medical nurses and do not fulfill the medical duties expected by Registered Nurses.

. . . Where Needed

Care is provided wherever it is most supportive of Christian Science healing treatment and to the extent appropriate to the situation, normally in the patient's home, or elsewhere, as appropriate.

How to Utilize Canterbury's Services

Should you or someone you know need help, please don't hesitate to contact us. There are local Journal-listed Christian Science nurses available to assist you on a private-duty basis. The initial assessment is free of charge.

Fundamental to the ministry of a Christian Science nurse is an active, prayerful confirmation of man’s innate spirituality and responsiveness to God’s harmonious government. This spiritual witnessing undergirds each aspect of the care a Christian Science nurse renders.

"Of Christlike touch"