Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I live too far to have a Christian Science nurse visit me?

A: After gathering some information from you over the phone, the Christian Science nurse you are speaking with will suggest options for appropriate care, or refer you to Christian Science nurses or home aides who travel.

Q: How long is Christian Science nursing care available?

A: Time is not a factor in qualifying for Christian Science nursing. Cases are reviewed weekly. The main determination is based on radical reliance on Christian Science and the expectation of healing.

Q: Does Canterbury Crest loan equipment (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)?

A: Yes! An initial assessment of need will be made and a recommend of appropriate equipment will be given. Just call and ask.

Q: I broke a bone and had it set surgically. Am I eligible for Christian Science nursing care?

A: Once you are released from medical care and are relying radically on Christian Science for healing, and are working with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner, a Christian Science nurse would be happy to talk with you about your needs.

Q: I am not a Christian Scientist but my father is. What are the steps we need to take to get him the help he needs?

A: Whenever he has a special need and you are concerned for his proper care, a Christian Science nurse can make an initial assessment where you are, advise you of proper care, and assist you with that care. We can help you respect his wishes in a way that is reassuring to you.

Q: I am a member of my church’s Care Committee. We have a member who may need some help. What can I offer?

A: Canterbury Crest has Field Representatives who are available to talk with your committee members and suggest ways to embrace those members missing from church who just need to know they are cherished. Field Reps are also Christian Science nurses who are available to assess the member's need, if more help is required. Canterbury Crest values the opportunity to assist Care Committees in fulfilling their mission.

Q: I live on a fixed income. How can I afford Christian Science nursing services?

A: No one should hesitate to seek Christian Science nursing care because they think they cannot afford it. There are resources available to assist individual Christian Scientists, including the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing. The Christian Science nurse in charge of your case will provide information and applications.

Canterbury Crest has some funds available for financial assistance. Such assistance can be in the form of loans as well as grants.

Q: Are Christian Science nurses Medicare providers?

A: No, however Medicare is provided by Sunrise Haven in Kent, WA; Olive Glen in Sacramento, California; Arden Wood in San Francisco; and Fern Lodge in Castro Valley, California.

Q: Are services provided by Christian Science nurses covered by insurance other than Medicare?

A: That depends on your insurance policy. Contact your insurance agent for specific details.

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