Directory: Christian Science Nurses

The individuals listed below are Journal-listed Christian Science nurses (JLN) who reside in the Pacific Northwest and are available for in-home cases. Additional Christian Science nurses who are available to travel but who do not live in the area can be found in The Christian Science Journal.

Canterbury Crest Field Representatives

Jo Dickinson (JLN)
Portland, Oregon

Janet Martin (JLN)
Eugene, Oregon

Sarah White-Bowman (JLN)
Tigard, Oregon

Canterbury Crest Field Representatives are private-duty Christian Science nurses who are also available to meet with churches or care committees to talk about Christian Science nursing in your community.

Other Private Duty Christian Science Nurses

Barbara Domschke (JLN)
Bend, Oregon

Ashley Niles (JLN)
Boise, Idaho

Bethany Vladic
Vancouver, Washington

(JLN) – Christian Science Journal-listed nurse

Fundamental to the ministry of a Christian Science nurse is an active, prayerful confirmation of man’s innate spirituality and responsiveness to God’s harmonious government. This spiritual witnessing undergirds each aspect of the care a Christian Science nurse renders.

You can contact a Christian Science nurse directly to help with the following:

Journal-listed Christian Science nurses are fully prepared to serve students of Christian Science of any age – children through seniors.

Note: Christian Science Nurses are not registered medical nurses and do not fulfill the medical duties expected of Registered Nurses.

"Of Christlike touch"